8 Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram Stories

One of the most popular social media networks is Instagram. It’s a great platform for any brands addressing the 18 to 34 audience as 64% of its users fall in that age range. It’s also a great place for companies and businesses. 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account.

Instagram Stories are a feature that is reminiscent of Snapchat in that they vanish in 24 hours. They can also be quite addictive. Over 500 million people use them every day, according to Instagram, and 70% of users watch Stories on a daily basis. Businesses produce one third of the stories that are viewed.

This is great news for a business. Not only can you place ads directly in Stories, but there are also a ton of ways you can use them to build your brand:

1. Ask your audience questions.

There is a feature in Stories that enables you to ask your followers questions directly. This is a good way to encourage engagement from your followers/customers. It shows your followers that their opinions matter to you. 

You can utilize questions to perform market research or you can use them to get specific feedback. They can also just be questions that are for fun. 

2. Announce a new product or service.

Instagram Stories are a great place for business announcements because they are so instant. It can be a great way to announce new staff members, new products or services, or give your followers a general update. This may also be a good place to post information that is behind the scenes. They disappear in 24 hours so that creates urgency as well as scarcity. These kind of announcements may not look as great in your regular feed. 

3. Collaborate with businesses and influencers.

It’s always a lot of fun when an Instagram influencer takes over a business’s account for the day or when a business takes over the influencer’s account. During these takeovers, Instagram Stories are a much better thing to post than regular news feed posts. You can also find related brands and collaborate with them on Stories. 

4. Conduct polls.

Like the questions, the polls give you the chance to get feedback from your followers. They’ll be able to give you an answer with a single tap. This is also a good way to encourage interaction. You can also use these for fun or for actual market research. 

5. Run a contest or giveaway.

Everyone loves the chance to win a prize. Contests and giveaway are a good way to promote your business. You can ask people to follow your Instagram, re-post your Stories, and like or comment on your posts for entries into the giveaway or contest.

6. Promote your posts. 

You can also use Stories as a place to promote your regular Instagram posts. This can be a good way to get engagement from users immediately after you post, which will make them more visible. 

7. Stream a live event. 

Instagram Live is one of the best ways for businesses to use Instagram Stories. It gives you the ability to stream live events. And you’ll be able to drive engagement. It’s a good idea to announce this to your followers in advance of the event so that they can watch and promote. 

8. Use the hashtag sticker.

Working in a similar way to hashtags in regular posts, hashtag stickers will allow your Stories to be more visible. It will add them to a bigger conversation. In this way, your Instagram may be discovered by other users. 

There are many more ways that your business can use Instagram Stories. Play around with them and get creative. There is a large audience of Instagram users looking at Stories every day. You definitely don’t want to miss out on that.


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