Wear Your Green On Your Sleeve

Internet marketing for eco-friendly businesses

If you’re running an environmentally conscious business, it’s important to highlight this value to your customers and stakeholders. Showing your clients that you care about the environment is a great selling point. There are a variety of marketing activities you can engage in on your website and on social media to show that you uphold environmentally friendly business practices.

Here are some tips that can help you implement green marketing initiatives and boost your online marketing efforts.

Create a strong green message

The green marketing strategy that you implement needs to be a well-thought out business plan rather than a mere PR gimmick. You want to create key communication points that your customers can easily identify in your business. Keep these points focused and succinct, and consider tying them all together with an easy phrase or tagline.

Develop green website content

Your quick and easy communication points can be included anywhere, but you want to dig deeper into your message on your website. Create a detailed page on your site to further explain and promote this message. If you use smart techniques to conserve water, this is where you explain what those techniques are. If you use chemical-free products or offer services that promote healthy living, this is where you showcase the details. Try to use keywords that distinguish your services or products from your non-green competitors. You want search engines to identify this content and rank you as an environmental leader for the appropriate keywords for your industry.

Create a green logo

Now is the time to work with a graphic designer to create a unique logo that represents your business and your environmentally-friendly practices. The logo may include your company name, an eco-friendly insignia and a key word or phrase from your sustainability message. This symbol will become an identifier for your current and new customers, helping to cement your brand in their minds. Use the logo on print materials, throughout your website and on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media services. If you offer eco-friendly products, add your custom green logo to the label. If applicable, you can also make use of popular logos and insignias that represent these eco-friendly practices, such Energy Star Rating logos and recycling arrows.

Green up you digital efforts

Part of you environmentally conscious business plan can include an effort to go paperless. This will both limit your paper waste and help streamline your operations. Use digital options when dealing with staff, suppliers, and clients – and make a point to highlight your paperless efforts in your digital communications. Consider using online marketing materials as much as possible – replace print brochures with digital brochures, where possible. Create and share infographics online instead of handing out flyers.

Talk green on social media

Social media is a vital digital marketing tool. Use your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and groups as a platform to create and engage in conversations that promote environmental sustainability. This will endear you to prospective clients who are environmentally conscious. Use social media to have direct dialogues with individuals and groups that promote the idea of environmental conservation. This ultimately leads to positive criticism and insight, thus building your brand.

Green marketing has been a popular trend for over a decade now. The rise of the green movement has given rise to the environmentally conscious marketplace, which your business can easily benefit from. For additional support with your green marketing efforts, contact WebTech Marketing Services.