Why Are My Emails Labeled Spam?

email iconThe spam folder in your email is incredibly convenient. Email service providers use  filters to keep your inbox free of junk email as well as those that may contain viruses. But one unfortunate thing about the spam folder is that sometimes non-spam mail mistakenly ends up in it. If you’ve ever waited patiently for an email that never appeared, only to find it days later in your spam folder, or if you’ve sent out emails that were never received, you’ve probably wondered how such mistakes could happen.

There could be several reasons why. First, your email address or your domain could on a blacklist. Email service providers maintain lists of domains that they consider spammy. And there are a number of large public email blacklists that they check as well. If your domain or email address has landed on one of these lists, it guarantees your mail will never make it to the inbox.

Even if you are not blacklisted, the contents of your message may cause it to be sent to the spam folder. Some email service providers filter out messages that contain content or attachments that look like spam. Open your spam folder and you can get a pretty representative view of what words they are looking for. Even the word “spam” can get caught in some email filters.

Another possibility is that you may have been flagged as spam in the past. If you use a less than reputable email provider, or if you send out emails to a list that is of poor quality, you may be labeled a spammer. To avoid this, only send emails to contacts who have very clearly signed up to receive them. Ask recipients to add you to their email contact list, which will whitelist your for their email system. And conversely, allow recipients an easy way to unsubscribe from your emails.

How We Can Help

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