Why Public Relations Needs Content Marketing

Public relations is all about putting your best foot forward and ensuring that your brand identity stays strong throughout diverse media channels.

Fortunately for millions of small business owners around the country, content marketing in the 21st century has a similar goal. Content marketing seeks to engage and retain more customers by curating content that’s consistently engaging.

That content is then delivered across mobile and social media – where customers spend a good deal of their time.

Why Public Relations Needs Content Marketing

Reaching out to the public demands a more targeted approach, and that’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing starts with quality content and uses inbound marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization to ensure customers get the content they need in record time.

Digital marketing research shows over half of consumers approach your business through a Smartphone or other mobile device. The fact that more consumers are going mobile means that customers can engage with your brand while traveling to work, stuck in traffic or lounging about in their homes.

This kind of “always-on” connectivity is a huge boom from a PR and content marketing standpoint, yet it also presents some interesting opportunities that you need to stay one step ahead of.

The Changing Face of Media

Over the last decade we’ve seen the biggest facelift to traditional news media in the history of our country.

Almost overnight hundreds of millions of Americans have moved from accessing news and local businesses through newspapers, magazines and television to utilizing new media to stay up-to-date.

These changes have had dramatic changes on the ways in which content is marketed and highlights the fact that – today more than ever – content is king.

Today the value of one of your ads going viral, customers sharing your brand through social media or the power of an individual blogger spotlighting attention on your brand parallels, and in many ways exceeds, the clout of yesteryear’s traditional media.

Content is truly the core currency for building stronger relationships with customers and catalyzing the kind of earned media that can turn your business year from good to great.

Self-Publishing for Success 

Business owners from around the country are taking their content marketing more seriously by hiring copywriters, editorial staff and journalists from the corporate sector to fuel an in-house publishing establishment that rivals the top brass from major media outlets.

Small business owners are unwilling to wait idly on the sidelines understand that by becoming their own publishers and embracing content marketing both their PR campaigns and online exposure can reach previously untapped markets.

The end result is a more targeted approach to marketing that nets and retains more customers who are willing to engage more fully with your brand.

So, in more ways that you might now realize, the aims of public relations and content marketing are perfectly aligned: You can increase your online brand exposure and deliver worthwhile content to customers while broadening your consumer base.

Embrace Changing Consumer Behavior 

The ascent of new media also means that consumer behavior has changed significantly over the last five years, and it continues to change.

What does all this mean for your business? Well, today’s new media is more of a collaborative process than the traditional news media of yesteryear ever was. Today consumers spread brands and deals across social media and expect some reciprocity from the businesses that those consumers represent.

Today’s consumer expects to proactively participate with your brand in ways that were unthinkable just fifteen years ago.

More connectivity and the fact that consumers today like to share content digitally and engage more fully with social media means that business owners who succeed with PR increasingly embrace co-creation of content with a new kind of consumer.

Tips for Optimizing Your Content Marketing

It’s important for business owners to realize that with increased connectivity and participation from consumers comes a broadening of what PR means.

Wider PR Focus 

Today’s PR means more than what it meant a decade ago. You now need to focus more on collaboration with consumers and integration of numerous media channels into one streamlined PR message.

Corporate content today can go even further than ever before if today’s PR embraces this kind of cross-pollination and remains open-minded to additional ways in which brand influencers and new media consumers do business.

Become the Boss 

Instead of leaning on third-party media to spin your content in just the right way, today’s content marketing allows you to leverage shared and earned media for unprecedented success.

Remember that PR today is more about collaboration with consumers and being proactive about your own content marketing. Contact the pros at Web Tech Marketing Services to find out how you can take your content marketing to the next level.