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Digital Marketing For Big Thinkers

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April 13, 2016
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Digital Marketing For Big Thinkers

Digital Marketing For Big Thinkers

Business and sales leaders often have grand marketing visions for their companies or products. The problem is executing their vision, which may require a few extra hands to get things done quickly and effectively. A tremendous amount of work goes into running a digital sales campaign online or building your company’s online presence. Here are some of the primary items to consider….


When a lead reaches your website, they should have access to high quality, up-to-date, relevant content. An experienced website content production specialist will be able to organize your business services into categories and subcategories that are all interlinked with well-written articles or blogs.  This should be smart, engaging content that will make you and your website an expert resource for your industry. The content should also be SEO-driven, to help your website rank better on search engine. Hiring someone well-versed in developing and organizing this content will greatly improve the strength of your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media

The free word of mouth advertising social media marketing produces is vital to producing and converting leads. Successful social media marketing requires regular updates on services and product promotions, engagement and networking with fans and followers, and a clear understanding of how to optimize the wide range of analytics. A social media marketing expert will know how to use and integrate all of today’s most popular social media platforms into your digital marketing tactics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains among the best digital marketing tools available and neglecting to take advantage of it may be the cause for a decline in conversions. Combing through the rows of keywords and statistics available is very time consuming work. Speed up the process with the help of an extended marketing team who know how to navigate the more complicated functions of Google Analytics, Adwords or other Internet marketing tools. While you could spend days or even weeks studying the innumerable functions of Google analytics, a seasoned professional will have no problem bidding on the most relevant keywords and monitoring lead behavior or demographics.

Website Optimization

Considering how important mobile technology has become to virtually everyone, it’s vital to ensure your website is fully optimized for mobile or tablets. Allow an expert to do this for you. A website optimization specialist will also scour your website, blog and social media accounts for dead links, typos or navigation errors. Issues like these will slow down your conversion momentum and cause leads to look elsewhere for help.

Interactive Media

Aside from written content, online visitors will be attracted to a website that contains exciting graphics or 2-3 minute explainer videos that can highlight goals, values, products or services. Videos, downloads and smart graphics will make you a reliable resource in your field, and can be circulated on YouTube and social media outlets such as Pinterest or Houzz.

It takes a lot to accurately coordinate all elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. There’s no need handle it all alone. For expert help with all the fine details, contact us today for quick, creative results.

Jasmine Rozier
Jasmine Rozier
Jasmine strongly believes in the power of words. As our content pro, she brings to Webtech a unique perspective and the technical experience to match. She coolly manages the creation of client editorial content that drives awareness and brand recognition.