Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the WT Digital Agency specializes in combining brand aesthetics and storytelling with digital, social, and content marketing strategies to elevate your online presence, engage with your customers, to create more leads and grow your business - a perfect blend of creative and digital marketing technology.

Our Key Market Differentiation

Our key market differentiation is creating and fostering symbiosis between the creative and technological solutions a strategic marketing consulting firm provides to its clientele. We essentially view marketing creative through the prism of technology (e.g., data), and marketing technology through the prism of creativity (e.g., imaginative problem solving). This symbiotic relationship between the right brain (creative) and left brain (logic) permeates our client offerings.



We take a very straightforward and fundamental approach to brand identity, positioning, and storytelling because your brand is far more than just your logo. Your brand is your promise to your customers.

  • Storytelling
  • Brand design and logo design
  • Graphic Design & creative direction with art, photo, and video


At WT, we can do a website build or a website rebuild where the complete website design/development is led by a brand and/or positioning assessment, user experience, and conversion strategy.

  • SEO including on-site and off-site analysis, action plans, implementations and reporting
  • e-Commerce Website - an online store
  • Analytics Reporting

Content Marketing

Today, digital content marketing is at the forefront of just about every marketing initiative whether it be through your website, landing pages, social media engagement, blog posts, and much more.

  • Social media presence
  • Content generation for social media, press releases, newsletters, blog posts, websites and much more.
  • Digital advertising


WT Digital Agency

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