We’ll work closely with you to make it easier to achieve real, measurable benefits for your business. We are large enough to offer a dedicated and personalized service to each and every client.


Let us help you unlock the full potential of the Internet for your business by showing you firsthand how our creative graphic design and website design teams can put your company website at the top of all the major search engines.


We provide affordable, high-quality services that ensure you take action and enhance your earning potential. Increase your online presence and your customer base with our great services today!


Our website development team knows how to take full advantage of all the tools available to make your web presence work for you. Our website development and design solutions are customized to your every need, and we value your input all the way through.


Your business's website can be considered a piece of art that defines your business, its services, even its culture. Our graphic designers are experts at creating professional, effective logos and graphics for a wide variety of business fields.


Our team has many years of experience in helping website owners increase their online visibility. Not only that, but we are results-driven and therefore always focus on ensuring your company’s message is seen by your target audience for maximum impact.


Modern techniques have made it possible for businesses to reach their customers in meaningful ways. WebTech Marketing Services offers a full range of content solutions, guaranteed to keep your visitors coming back.


WebTech Marketing Services specializes in providing exceptional tracking, analysis, and reporting to quantify your company’s online presence. We perform a variety of on-site web analytics to determine the success of your website and propose methods to increase your visibility.


WebTech Marketing Services is able to diagnose a website’s specific ailment, and implement procedures that will put your site in tip-top shape, ultimately allowing your customers to browse your products or services with the greatest of ease.


Website Development Lifecycle
  • 01 / DISCOVER

    This is the phase that lays the foundation for the rest of the project. A kickoff meeting occurs that allows the team to understand your project goals, likes and dislikes, and objectives more clearly.

  • 02 / DOCUMENT

    In this phase, WebTech will produce key documents for our client’s approval. These documents will outline details about the functionality and design elements of the website to ensure we mutually agree on scope of work to be completed.

  • 03 / DESIGN

    In this phase, the team takes your feedback from the previous phase and creates the initial “look” and “feel” of the project. The design continuously evolves with your input and our direction until it is ready.

  • 04 / DEVELOP

    Our development team works hard throughout this process to ensure all planned functionality is incorporated. Throughout this phase, we look to solicit your feedback to make sure your vision is turning into a reality.

  • 05 / DEPLOY

    Your project undergoes extensive quality assurance testing to make sure development is completed. It is in this phase that our customer support team trains and prepares you with the technology behind the scenes.


We are data geeks, digital enthusiasts, techies, and creative nerds. We are experts at positioning your brand online and delivering measurable results with detailed data analysis and reporting.

In contrast to traditional advertising and marketing agencies, our team is made up of marketing and design professionals with over 30 years experience specializing in digital marketing and design. As a small and niche group, our team can provide superior customer service by partnering with you to identify your strengths, opportunities, and a multifaceted strategy that will optimize your location on the Internet.

Kevin is WebTech’s go-to guy for all things marketing and designing and building websites. From joining the team in late 2008, Kevin continuously works with clients on setting up marketing strategies and then assisting the team to help turn those ideas into reality.

Kevin Bossons

Data Geek

A perfectionist with driving curiosity, Mark's greatest asset may be his work ethic. Some have talent without discipline--some have discipline without talent. Using both, Mark built WebTech Marketing Services from the ground up. He continues to guide it, forcing it closer to perfection each day.

Mark Itzkovitz


Juli has over 20 years’ experience as a graphic artist and art director. Full of ever evolving fresh ideas, Juli doesn’t wear matching socks and doesn’t like to park between those silly white lines in a parking lot.

Juli Itzkovitz

Creative Juicer

Ursula has been rolling in the dough (not literally) for over 15 years. Her workday consists of recording expenses and income, preparing invoices, and paying the bills.

Ursula Armstrong

Bean Counter

Dawn is a writer and editor with experience developing marketing content for a range of industries.

Dawn Brown

Content Maven

With his hands in a number of technical fields and a unique background Patrik brings an artisan's touch to the technical grime.

Patrik Cioc-Kele

Deputy Techy