Before anything else, we are a marketing strategy firm. We do not create and execute campaigns or build websites merely to do them. We know you are looking for specific, measurable results and we aim to provide them. We believe in a fully-integrated go-to-market strategy that reaches and engages your audience in every way, a 360-degree approach that includes your website, content marketing, social media, email campaigns, digital advertising and so much more. Based on our decades of experience in full-service offline advertising, we can even translate your marketing efforts to traditional mediums such as print, broadcast, and outdoor. All with a strategy. All with a plan to win.


What about your company's product or service is unique? What is your "special sauce?" This brand positioning should be readily apparent in all of your marketing efforts. And for your website, it should be the first thing that users experience.

You only have a few seconds to capture a customer's imagination, pique their interest to engage with your content, and define your brand. Most research pinpoints between 3 to 7 seconds. So, how do you accomplish that?

We believe in clarity, focus, and simplicity when it comes to brand storytelling and differentiating your business. Starting from that point, we can layer in creative visuals and interesting design features to heighten engagement.

Telling your brand story online so that you clearly and creatively define who you are, your position in the marketplace, and what makes your business unique are are part of our approach to brand development. To read more deeply into our approach and find out if WT Digital is the right fit to tell your brand story, click here.


You wouldn't set out on a road trip to an unfamiliar destination without a map or GPS to guide your way. Not unless the point was to wander...which can be quite an adventure in itself! But that's not a great way to run your business.

Having a clear idea of where you are and where you're going and what the milestones are along the way is critical to business success. You need to be looking at the plan in the near term, out a few years, and over the long haul. And you have to build in the flexibility to make adjustments based on market conditions, changes in your business, competitors, government regulations, and much more.

Running a successful business today is more like navigating an offroad rally race course! The dips, dives, and hairpin turns all coming at you take sharpened reflexes, but most importantly they require an action plan.

WT Digital can help you build a marketing plan and execute it. This highly-customized service requires that we get to know your business intimately. To set the wheels in motion, we suggest setting up an initial discovery meeting to see if we're the right fit to build your marketing road map. Give us a call at 404-348-4921 and let's get your business on the road to marketing success.



Ground-breaking management thinker Peter Drucker, whose writings contributed to the foundational concepts of modern business, is often quoted as saying “what gets measured gets managed.” This statement is not only true for business in general, but it is also essential for digital marketing.

Measuring the success of your marketing efforts requires the tools to track and measure and the experience necessary to analyze the resulting data to make any adjustments to the plan.

Whether we measure social media engagement, organic search results, A/B paid advertising testing, lead conversion, or revenue to plan; we've honed our skills at WT Digital. We have the experience to track, measure, and analyze while retaining the ability to adjust swiftly. Your marketing efforts won't suffer from analysis paralysis! Instead, you'll forge ahead with sure-footed determination because we measure the right things and know how to adapt your plan as needed for a higher return on your marketing investment.


Warren Buffet famously said, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." In the age of social media, that five minutes may be an overstatement. Perhaps five seconds is now closer to reality!

We live in a day and age in which people can make or break your reputation online seemingly on a whim and in a heartbeat. The building, tracking and defending of your online reputation takes consistent, diligent work. Your status is the lifeblood of your business and the cornerstone of your brand.

WT Digital can be your online reputation sentry. With the tools and experience we have at our disposal, we can monitor your online reviews across virtually all channels from Yelp to Google Local and so much more, and help you respond. At the same time, we can proactively build positive, real reviews from your happy customer base as a ward against any potential negatives.

Reputation management is such a critical aspect of what we do as an agency that we'd like to talk to you about it right away. If you don't have a reputation management plan in place, you should. Whether you're in the B2B or B2C market space, your reputation is everything. We'll help you put a plan in place to keep it rock solid. If you'd like to read a little deeper into our strategy on reputation management, read our blog on the subject.


Let's get together and discuss your ongoing marketing efforts and how the WT Digital Agency can help you increase results and ROI.