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9 Tips for Better Facebook Ads

By Sara Crawford | July 19, 2019

Social media ads are one of the best tools for advertising. One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can do so much with them. There are so many ways you can target the best audience, and there are so many ways to present your ads. But because there are so many…

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5 Tips for a Great Subject Line in Your Emails

By Sara Crawford | July 12, 2019

Let’s face it. There is so much content out there to pay attention to. We all get so many emails day after day. What is the best way to rise above the noise? One way you can grab your audience’s attention is to send out captivating emails. But first you have to get people to…

How Should Your Business Deal with Negative Reviews?

By Sara Crawford | July 5, 2019

Reviews can be a great way to boost your business, bring new customers to your door, and give you more confidence. They can also do a lot for local SEO. But what do you do when you get a negative review on your Google listing or on Yelp? It can feel like a moment to…

6 Excellent Marketing Podcasts

By Sara Crawford | June 28, 2019

It can be a challenge to keep up with the constantly changing world of digital marketing. With social media updates, search engine algorithm changes, and new technology, the field is constantly changing. Many of us stay up to date with blogs and attend conferences, but another great way to stay updated on what’s going on…

5 Ways Your Website Benefits from ADA Compliance

By Sara Crawford | June 21, 2019

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was developed to ensure that individuals who have disabilities get the same opportunities as everyone else. In recent years, ADA compliance applies to websites and even apps. If you’re wondering whether or not to make your website ADA compliant, here are five ways your website will benefit.…

Creating Buyer Personas

By Sara Crawford | June 14, 2019

What is a buyer persona? A buyer persona is a fictional representation of the ideal customer for your business. Whether you’re in sales and marketing or any other part of your business, a buyer persona is going to be helpful. With a buyer persona, you’ll be able to internalize your ideal customer so that you…

5 Tips for Optimizing Images

By Sara Crawford | June 7, 2019

When discussing the optimization of your webpage to be more friendly to search engines, one area that often gets overlooked is image optimization. Search engines like Google acknowledge the importance of image optimization for your website with their guidelines for image publishing. Here are five tips to help you optimize your images. 1. Use images…

5 of Our Favorite SEO Tools

By Sara Crawford | May 31, 2019

Optimizing your website for search engines can be difficult especially if you’re just beginning. Luckily, there are a number of helpful SEO tools to help. They will all do slightly different things so you need to narrow down what exactly you’re looking for in an SEO tool. Here we have made a list of our…

11 Things I Learned at the Digital Summit

By Sara Crawford | May 24, 2019

Earlier this week, I attended the Digital Summit at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, a two-day conference packed full of marketers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders talking about content marketing, branding, social media, SEO, e-mail marketing, and so much more. Needless to say, I learned a lot over two days. Here are the 11…

6 Myths About Digital Marketing

By Sara Crawford | May 17, 2019

1. The only thing you need to do is create content. Many people think that creating new content is the number one priority. And while it’s true that you do need to create content, that’s not all you need to do. Content is only one small piece of the pie. There is so much more…


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