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Standing Out from AI-Generated Content: A Strategic Framework for Small Business Owners

By Kevin Bossons | February 13, 2024

If there is one thing that remains static in our digital age, content is still king—but not all content wears the crown equally. With artificial intelligence (AI) tools making it easier than ever to generate content at scale, the digital landscape is teeming with articles, blogs, videos, and social media posts. However, not all content…


Revitalizing Your Content Strategy: A Modern Guide to Repurposing Old Content

By Kevin Bossons | February 6, 2024

In the digital age, the creation and repurposing of content are pivotal for maintaining relevance and engagement. As search engines favor the freshness and relevance of content, updating old posts can significantly impact their ranking. Here’s how you can breathe new life into your content strategy: 1 Audit and Update Old Posts Conducting a comprehensive…

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The Indirect Influence of Website Speed on SEO in the Era of Core Web Vitals

By Kevin Bossons | January 29, 2024

In 2018, we delved into how page speed influenced site ranking, highlighting its direct impact on SEO. Fast forward to 2024, the landscape has evolved. Google’s introduction of Core Web Vitals, a set of specific factors that Google considers important in a webpage’s overall user experience, has reshaped our understanding. However, it’s crucial to clarify…


Maximizing Online Reviews: Effective Strategies for Your Business

By Kevin Bossons | January 25, 2024

In the digital age, online reviews are the lifeblood of any business, big or small. They not only enhance credibility but also play a crucial role in consumer decision-making. Simply put, they offer genuine, unfiltered perspectives that surpass the reach of any advertising effort. Online reviews are the contemporary form of word-of-mouth endorsement. Their impact…

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Understanding ADA Compliance

By Mark Itzkovitz | January 15, 2024

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Enacted in 1990, the ADA is a critical civil rights law in the United States designed to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in various sectors, including employment and public accommodations. With the growing importance of the internet, ADA compliance has been increasingly applied to web accessibility. ADA’s Expansion…

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Mastering the Market: Harnessing the Power of Buyer Personas for Strategic Success

By Kevin Bossons | January 4, 2024

The philosophy behind buyer personas is rooted in a holistic understanding of customers. Marketers who excel in this area not only analyze data but also empathize with customers’ lifestyles, aspirations, and concerns. This deep understanding allows for a more genuine connection with the audience, going beyond superficial interactions to foster a sense of trust and…

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Questions Business Owners Should Ask About Their Website

By Mark Itzkovitz | December 15, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, it’s crucial for business owners to continuously evaluate their website’s effectiveness. This article explores essential questions you should be asking about your website. From lead generation to cyber security, we delve into various aspects that determine your site’s success and impact in the digital marketplace. Join us as…


How to Create a Company Blog Strategy

By Kevin Bossons | December 5, 2023

A company blog that truly engages your audience and boosts marketing success – it’s an exciting vision, isn’t it? With the right strategy and planning, it can become a reality. This guide shares practical tips, real-world examples from top brands, and a blueprint to help launch a blog that connects with readers and drives growth.

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Author Bio Best Practices for Marketing & SEO

By Kevin Bossons | November 29, 2023

In the digital age, authorship plays a crucial role in establishing credibility and authority, particularly for websites and blogs; An effective author bio can significantly enhance your SEO and content optimization efforts. This article delves into what an author bio is, its importance, and how to craft one, along with the specific SEO and content optimization best practices tailored to author profiles.

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The Digital Content Frontier: AI, Authorship, and Google’s Quality Crusade

By Kevin Bossons | November 21, 2023

In an era where content is king, the kingdom has become crowded. With the surge in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, content creation has become accessible to virtually anyone with a computer, leading to an unprecedented uptick in the amount of content being submitted to the web. Google, the gatekeeper of online information, faces the monumental…


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