Analytics: The Measure of Marketing Performance

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  • Only 22% of marketers say they have data-driven marketing initiatives that are achieving significant results. 

  • 84% of marketers cannot measure and report on the contribution of their programs to the business. 

  • Only 21% of marketers are employing analytics to measure marketing ROI for all marketing engagement.

  • Only 25% of marketers are collecting customer data.

  • Only 10% of US marketers are able to measure the customer experience “extremely well;” 24% said they could do so “moderately well.”

  • 54% of marketers are not sure if their marketing technology investments are producing tangible business value.

Source: Invoca Blog

"What gets measured gets improved.

Peter F. Drucker

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Analytics is the process of creating performance metrics for your marketing efforts, measuring them accurately and consistently, and using the results to make informed marketing decisions.

Where does your brand or business rank organically on your targeted, keyword searches? Are you trying to rank for the search terms that are relevant to the audience you're trying to reach? If you're running a paid ad campaign, how is it performing? Are you getting enough clicks? The right clicks? And are you tracking and measuring the conversions through your website? Do you know what is generating your website traffic? Growth-oriented businesses today have come to rely on analytics for their digital marketing, where MROI (Marketing Return on Investment) is a critical key performance indicator (KPI).


Beyond accurately understanding, measuring, and reporting the right metrics for your marketing initiatives, comes analysis. Knowing what to do with the data you're gathering, how to put in corrective measures, or how to improve performance is critical. Merely taking the pulse of your marketing program doesn't mean you have the knowledge and experience to improve its condition.

At WT Digital, we have that experience. We know exactly how your website is performing, we know which keywords are critical to the success of your content and engaging your users, and which searches are vital to your audience and your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. If you don't have this information for your business, you're somewhat running blind, and we can help change that.


Marketing has changed over the years from a creative-driven process to become much more data-driven. Marketers use analytics to guide the outcomes of digital advertising campaigns and to inform decisions on website content, audience targeting, and overall spending. These analytical activities can include keyword reports, search result studies, demographic studies, competitor analyses, customer segmentation, and other techniques that allow marketers to use the data they 're gathering to formulate a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and to implement cost-effective marketing tactics. Simply put, analytics will enable you to target the ideal potential customer with the optimal message in the most cost-effective medium at the perfect time. The result? A far-greater Marketing Return On Investment (MROI).

Customer and consumer data and analytics have long been a part of traditional or "offline" marketing and advertising.  Now, website and digital "online" campaigns frequently work hand in hand with the more conventional marketing analysis techniques. The new focus on digital media has somewhat altered the vocabulary so that marketing mix modeling is now most commonly referred to as attribution modeling in the digital or marketing mix modeling context.

In the end, web analytics and analysis allow your business to make mission-critical decisions on how to market your business in the short term and over the long haul — determinations like improving marketing campaign performance, website content, user experience, and information architecture. The analytical tools and techniques allow a more agile approach to marketing decision making. And they can inform spending decisions for a more significant Marketing ROI.

The WT Digital Agency is ready to help you put the right analytics in place and provide the analysis to guide your marketing efforts towards achieving your business goals. Let's sit down and discuss your marketing from a data-driven perspective today. Just click here to get in touch, or call 404-348-4921.


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