The WT Digital Agency focuses on creating and executing digital marketing plans for small to medium businesses, acting essentially as an outsourced, “fractional” marketing department. We achieve this by developing critical “thinking-into-action” plans that correlate with our clients’ quantifiable, branding, marketing and advertising goals and by sewing close-knit, collaborative and consultative relationships with them.

Our key market differentiation is creating and fostering symbiosis between the creative and technological solutions a strategic marketing firm provides to its clients. We essentially view marketing creative through the prism of technology (e.g., data), and marketing technology through the prism of creativity (e.g., imaginative problem solving). This symbiotic relationship between the right brain (creative) and left brain (logic) permeates our client offerings.

Our goal is to bring this key differentiator to market and build upon our long-established foundation of savviness in marketing technology and general business strengths of longevity, trust, reliability, and integrity.

Our mission is to provide our clients with passionate and knowledgeable stewardship of their marketing efforts…to exceed their return on marketing investment expectations…to act as a consultative, fractional marketing department…and ultimately, to create value.




At our core, we are passionate marketers. We have decades of online (digital) and offline (traditional) marketing experience and a dedication to the cause of our clients' success! We believe that producing great work elevates our clients' businesses and through that, we will achieve our own success.

We are a tight-knit group and believe remarkable work comes from a commitment to respect for one another's role, clear communication, clarity of purpose, and a thriving team spirit.

We believe leadership can come from anyone and foster these traits in all of our people.

We believe that it is our responsibility to nurture and develop talent and creativity so that they may blossom no matter at what stage someone may be in their career.

We believe that technology is there to serve our needs and the needs of our clients, and it is up to us to assemble the rights tools and resources for the job daily.

We believe in a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets in our people and strive to be inclusive and respectful of everyone. Quite simply, great ideas don't care where they're born.


People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. In the US alone, ~20% of internet users have some type of impairment (sight, mobility, etc.), meaning you could lose visitors right off the bat if your site isn’t designed with accessibility in mind. Heres how ADA compliance is impacting you at this very moment: https://zcu.io/gshd  #ADA #compliance #website #accessibility
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https://zcu.io/tODM #digitalagency #atlanta #contentmarketing
Happy Labor Day from all of us here at WT!
Happy #Juneteenth! We join with our community in celebration today, on the 155th anniversary of June 19, 1865, when hundreds of thousands of enslaved African Americans in Texas received the news that they were free -- a full two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and almost six months after passage of the 13th amendment. 
Learn more about the history of this important annual holiday, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, and the various traditions observed every year, at the @washingtonpost link in our bio.
As the pandemic continues, people are grappling with a constant barrage of new risks and new developments. They’re trying, sometimes with less success, to continue distancing practices and find new ways to stay plugged in with their life-sustaining connections and communities. 
Heres why (and how) we as marketers must once again shift our messaging strategy to connect with our audience with flexibility, authenticity and, yes, even perhaps a smidgen of humor from time to time.
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We hope you are having a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.
What does your work-from-home setup look like? #workfromhome #remoteworking #quarantine
Measuring the success of your marketing efforts requires the tools to track and measure and the experience necessary to analyze the resulting data to make any adjustments to the plan.
Whether the medium for your content is a downloadable white paper, an infographic, social media post, explainer video, or an automated email campaign, we live in a world where content is critical.


Let's get together and discuss your ongoing marketing efforts and how the WT Digital Agency can help you increase results and ROI.