Do You Need to Update Your Website?

The first place a potential customer goes to learn about what you have to offer is your website. One of the most essential steps in creating leads and attracting customers is keeping your website up to date. There are many ways your website can fall behind the times, especially as technology and web development moves so fast. Here are some signs it’s time to update your website:

1. Your Website is Slow to Load 

People don’t have the patience to wait for a slow website anymore. They will just go to the website of your competitor rather than waiting for your website to load. If there is a load time of over five seconds, it may be too long to wait. There are a number of factors that can cause slow loading like large images, a poorly performing theme, or underpowered hosting. You can fix most of these things fairly quickly, and it can greatly improve the user experience.

2. Your Website Lacks Security

Security on your website is important. It’s a top priority for all websites. If your website isn’t secure, people won’t trust it as much. Search engines won’t trust it either, and it will not do as well in the search engine results pages, which means it won’t be as visible.

3. You Don’t Update Your Content

Keeping out-of-date content on your website is one way to tell visitors it’s not important to check it again. However, if you keep useful, updated content on your website, visitors will start to rely on you for information they need. One good way to keep traffic coming in and keep visitors coming back is to update your blog with fresh content. 

4. Your SEO Isn’t Great

If you haven’t updated your website recently, it’s probably not doing as well in the search engine results pages. One good way to improve the SEO is to include keywords and phrases you want to rank for in new content and keep it updated regularly. You can also improve the organization of the content on your website.

5. Your Website Isn’t Responsive

Having a mobile friendly or responsive website is important in this day and age. We live in a society where people are on phones and tablets more than computers. If your website isn’t optimized for the devices people are actually using, you could frustrate customers by making the user experience difficult.

6. Your Website Isn’t Easy to Navigate

There is so much emphasis on the user experience these days. This can greatly be influenced by your website’s navigation. Make sure you look at your website from the point of view of an objective visitor. Take the same journey they would take and see how it is. 

Updating your website is something everyone needs to do at some point. As fast as technology moves, a website can quickly become out of date in a few years. If you are interested in refreshing your website, contact us about website design and development