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Our Team

With more than 50 years of combined experience in Internet marketing, technology and design, our team members offer clients the experience and know-how they seek. We have formal training, higher education, and professional certifications to keep us up-to-date in our fields. 

WebTech thrives in challenges – our diversity gives us multiple perspectives to approach complex problems and maximize your return on investment. Our cross-functional team allows us to think creatively to achieve results. Our processes are rooted in formal methodologies that offer proven results and the foundation to help clients achieve their goals.


“Teamwork is the wind beneath our wings”




A perfectionist with driving curiosity, Mark’s greatest asset may be his work ethic. Some have talent without discipline–some have discipline with out talent. Using both, Mark built WebTech from the ground up. He continues to guide it, forcing it closer to perfection each day.


Data Geek

Kevin is WebTech’s go-to guy for all things marketing and designing and building websites. Since joining the team in late 2008, Kevin continuously works with clients to set-up marketing strategies and then help the team turn those ideas into reality.


Gary Hopkins

Big Picture Guy

Gary Hopkins recently joined WebTech bringing with him a keen eye for detail and a successful marketing and advertising career spanning 3 decades. He’s worked with some very notable brands, producing measurable results in a variety of industries on an array of platforms. From branding and design to everything in between, there’s no area in which he doesn’t excel.


Deputy Techy

Patrik is just about as technical as one can get. A fast learner, he’s adept in many applications and programming languages, and is always acquiring more skills. Behind and in front of the scenes, Patrik is also an online visibility master.



The Wordsmith

Jasmine strongly believes in the power of words. As our content pro, she brings to WebTech a unique perspective and the technical experience to match. She coolly manages the creation of client editorial content that drives awareness and brand recognition.


Bean Counter

Linda is WebTech’s bookkeeper extraordinaire. With her unparalleled attention to detail, she manages our accounts payable and receivables, ensuring that everything is paid in a timely manner.

linda our accounting


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