6 Myths About Digital Marketing

1. The only thing you need to do is create content.

Many people think that creating new content is the number one priority. And while it’s true that you do need to create content, that’s not all you need to do. Content is only one small piece of the pie. There is so much more to digital marketing. There’s SEO, social media, website design, e-mail marketing, etc. So while content marketing is important, you should take a more holistic approach.

Another misconception many people have is that the content you produce has to be long form. It’s true that longer content does rank higher than shorter content, but at a certain level, it can become counterproductive. For example, Medium recently conducted research that showed that the optimal posts took seven minutes to read. That comes out to about 1,600 words. So these huge 2000+ word posts may not be ideal for everyone. Depending on who your target audience is, they may want their blog posts or web content to be short and sweet.

2. It’s good enough to have a website.

“If you build it, they will come,” right? Well, not exactly. It’s just not enough anymore to put up a website and hope people will visit it. According to TechJury, there are now over 1.6 billion websites on the internet. You need to put yourself out there. Build up a following on your favorite social media platform, build up your mailing list, engage with your clients and customers. You are competing with thousands of other businesses on the internet for attention.You have to post valuable content that people want to read and then share it with the world.

3. A little SEO is all my website needs to be seen.

Like content marketing, SEO is an important factor to getting your website seen, but again, it’s only one piece of the pie. In today’s competitive digital landscape, a little SEO is not going to be enough. Not without social media, e-mail marketing, etc. Again, let me stress the importance of taking a holistic approach to digital marketing. That can’t be emphasized enough.

4. With social media, e-mail marketing is obsolete.

Social media is a great way to reach your customers and clients. It can be a great way to engage with those people, but it shouldn’t be the only way you are engaging. You should still be using a mailing list because you are in control of that list. Social media platforms can change the rules at any time, making it more and more difficult for you to reach the people you’re trying to reach. It’s good to have direct communication with your customers and clients on a regular basis.

5. All of my content needs to center around my business.

One of the largest complaints that individuals have about companies on social media is that their content is way too promotional. You want to provide value for your clients and customers whether that’s helpful information, entertainment, or inspiration. You don’t want to be selling to everyone all the time. No one wants to retweet or like posts that are only about selling something.

6. There’s only one correct approach to digital marketing.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you there is only one way to approach digital marketing. The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s constantly changing. What worked in 2014 won’t necessarily work now, and what works now probably won’t work in 2024. The best thing you can do is stay updated on the latest things that are working. And sure, listen to those who know more than you on the subject, but don’t ever be afraid to try new things.

So I hope we’ve cleared up some of the misconceptions about digital marketing for you. It’s always a great idea to turn to those who have a firm handle on digital marketing so that you can get the most out of your marketing dollars. If you are interested in our digital marketing services, contact us today.


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