Content Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Websites

Person entering a credit card on a laptop to shop online

Ecommerce marketing is more than blogs and paid advertisements. If you want to attract new customers and maximize the success of your ecommerce website, here are some other things you can do.

Buyer Guides

Use These For: Situations where you have many similar products, excluding colors

Buyer Guides are an important navigational tool that helps customers understand what each variation of your product does. For example, if you’re selling sporting equipment, you might create guides that show which products have the best performance, offer the best protection, and so on.

Product Comparisons

Use These For: Showing how your product is better than the competition

If you don’t have very many products – but you do have a competitor – you can use a Product Comparison to highlight the differences. This usually involves listing as many features as possible, especially if competitors don’t have them, so customers can make an informed decision about which product to buy.

Product Reviews

Use These For: All ecommerce marketing

When people are first deciding whether or not to buy from a new company, they look for indicators of trust – and few things help more than product reviews. Do not fake reviews in the hopes of convincing people to buy – instead, send messages to customers after their purchase and ask for their feedback.


Use These For: Conveying many specific points of information

Infographics aren’t needed for every company, but if you’re trying to highlight a problem that your product can solve, they can be an excellent way of showing the problem and proposing a solution. The best infographics will get shared around the web, so try to get it seen by as many people as possible.

Videos (Non-Sales)

Use These For: Building brand loyalty and explaining products

Videos are an excellent way of getting potential customers more involved with the products you’re selling. Aside from building brand loyalty by getting people to pay attention to you for a time, videos are an excellent way to explain your products, highlight features, and generally help people get the most out of them. These shouldn’t be sales pitches – instead, they should be focused on genuinely helping customers get the most from a given product.

Videos (Sales)

Use These For: Improving sales

These videos, on the other hand, are actually sales pitches. A good sales video is one that potential customers actually want to watch – if they ignore it, then it’s not good for your ecommerce marketing. The key to a good sales video is demonstrating that your customers have a problem and that your product is an ideal solution.


Use These For: Building brand loyalty

Podcasts are a good way to get people to come back to your company over and over, especially if you make it easy for them to listen to new episodes. The best podcasts provide some sort of value to the listener – you might talk about industry news, tips and tricks that people can use, or interview experts to provide more information.

Aside from that, try to be fun with the podcasts – people are far more likely to keep listening if they truly enjoy the content.


Use These For: Upselling customers with additional products

Collections and Lists are a great way to get a few more sales in by encouraging people to get useful add-ons and accessories. This can range from “sets” of products (like a complete set of survival gear) to extra parts and pieces (like longer cables for movie players).

Each of these content marketing ideas are useful for different situations. Try starting with just one or two, then branch out later.


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