Does Your Business Website Need Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots used to be for models, actors, and other entertainers. Now, however, they are also important for marketing your business. People will associate your business with the people behind it, which is why it’s important to have pictures of your team on your website. This can help your clients and potential clients to trust your brand more as they will be able to see the real people behind the brand. 

It may be tempting just to have your team members take selfies to post on the website. With the quality of smartphone cameras these days, everyone has the equipment to take great pictures. It’s all too common for small businesses not to invest in professional headshots. They just assume that they can get sufficient photos by having their team members take selfies with their phones. This is not the case, however. Here are four reasons why a small business should have professional headshots of the team on their website.

1. First impressions are important.

Especially in the online space, first impressions are critical. It’s simply human nature to make split-second judgments about people and businesses based on how people look. If you have a bunch of poorly lit, inconsistent photos on your “About” page, that may give someone a negative first impression. Whereas if your “About” page has professional photos that look similar, it will give off a much better impression.

2. A professional photographer has the skills that are necessary to take a great photo.

A good photographer knows what makes a great photograph. They are focused on things you may not even notice like composition, lighting, perspective, etc. They have studied and practiced this craft for years, and they will know exactly how to make your team look friendly and professional. Unless you have studied photography as well, it’s best to leave the photos to the professionals.

3. Make your website look more professional.

People are skeptical of websites or social media profiles that never reveal what the people look like. This is especially true of individual profiles on social media, but it’s also true of business websites and business profiles. If your website leaves off what your team actually looks like, people will question whether you have a real business or not. The standard these days is to feature headshots of the team on an “About” page.

4. Make your brand more personal. 

With good photos of your team, your brand will be more personal and relatable. While having professional headshots for your website is a good thing, it’s also important to post lots of photos of your team on social media. Showing your audience that you are real people will make your business more relatable, and they will want to become customers and clients.

Professional headshots for your website can be an excellent investment. At the end of the day, photographs of your team will help you to position your brand however you want to position it. If you need help with branding, please contact us. We can help you to present your business in the best way possible.