Three Ways To Get A Positive Return On Your Marketing Investment

As the owner of a small business, you have countless people, projects, and decisions vying for your time, attention, and approval. While you know that you must market your company to let the world know you exist, you also realize that with so many different marketing avenues to choose from, it’s often hard to decide which ones will be most effective and have the best return on your investment.  Here’s a look at 3 ways to get a positive return on your marketing investment:

1: Add inbound marketing to your portfolio of marketing initiatives.

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Unlike cold calling, mass mailers, or TV ads, inbound marketing is a unique way to promote your business by attracting your desired audience to your website.  Through the creation of fresh, error-free, and well-written content about your products, services, and industry, internet surfers will be led to your website through search engines.

Once there, effectively written and purposefully-placed landing pages will inspire your visitors to sign up for your monthly newsletter, purchase one of your products at a one-time significantly reduced rate, or go to another page to discover even more information.

If done correctly and consistently, your inbound marketing campaign will transform those visitors into loyal, repeat, and referring customers. While the return on your investment through inbound marketing takes a little longer to actualize than a potential customer on the other end of a phone call deciding to hire your services instantly, slow and steady does really win the race.

Creating a website filled with a wealth of easily accessible, timely, and relevant information for your targeted audience will keep them coming back and, eventually, purchasing your products and/or services.

Further, the investment you make on your inbound marketing initiatives is long lasting.  Unlike buying space on a billboard near a freeway entrance ramp for just a month, once you’ve posted your content on your website, it will be accessible to every new, potential, and established customer that visits your website.

2: Publish Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword-Rich Content

While having content on your website is critical; the type of content is what’s key. If you’re opting for quantity and simply want a lot of blogs posted daily on your website, you’ll be wasting your
money. Quality always beats quantity.   However, it doesn’t matter how engaging or informative the blogs and landing pages are on your website if potential visitors don’t know you exist and aren’t led to them. While you most assuredly want to post only quality, error-free, authentic, never-before-published blogs on your website so that visitors:

  • Keep returning to read your latest blog
  • Consider you the “go to” resource in your industry
  • Soon transform into loyal customers

If your content never gets read, you’ll never see a return on the financial investment you made in that component of your marketing program. To actualize a ROI with your website’s content, the blogs must not only be well written, they must also be purposefully designed for search engine optimization. Researching and selecting just the right keywords to attract just the right visitor to your website is an art and a science.

While the overall aim of search engine optimization is to position your website near the top of search engine result pages so that it is easily and instantly visible to your target audience, accomplishing this feat is no easy task.  Done correctly, however, and your investment in your SEO-keyword-rich content will continue to be profit generating for years.

3: Be social; especially with your marketing strategies.

If you want to catch big fish, you can’t go fishing in a backyard pond. To actualize a return on your marketing investment, you need to market where your potential clients spend lots of their time!  From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Instagram, and countless other popular social media sites, you need to leverage social media as a primary marketing channel. Whether you post links back to your website, advertise specials available only to users on social media, and/or consistently add cool videos every Monday morning to your social media sites, you have to show up!  According to HubSpot, marketing via social media produces a 100% higher lead-to-close percentage than telemarketing, print advertising, and TV/radio advertising.

Let today be the day you make the best marketing decision ever!

With everything else demanding your time and attention and all the things you are responsible for on your “to do” list as a business owner, it can be overwhelming trying to maneuver your way successfully through all the marketing choices available today.  Spend your time doing what you do best, running your business, and let us at WebTech help you select and implement the most cost-effective marketing initiatives for your business! Feel free to contact us today to set up a meeting to get the best deal for your next marketing initiative strategy for your business.