What's a Better Blogging Strategy, Quality or Quantity

Content puzzle peiceDoes high-quality content or the sheer quantity of material that you’re putting out to your customers matter more in terms of generating traffic and increasing your leads?

Which is King: Quality or Quantity?

Although this might be a tough pill for very conscientious bloggers to swallow, there are some tangible disadvantages to focusing almost exclusively on quality over quantity. Quality work takes time to research and produce, yet your loyal readers want blog updates once a day or more. What’s a blogger to do?

Ideally, you as a blogger would create the highest quality content that you were capable and churn out blog posts that best represent your business. You’d then be dutifully rewarded by dizzying amounts of web traffic, vaunted to page-one status across major search engines and never have to worry about lead generation again.

Although this scenario sounds great on paper, and we really wish things worked that way, but blogging doesn’t quite work like that in the real world.

The trick to growing a blog is publishing fresh content that your audience gobbles up, every day. A good rule of thumb, if you’re a medium-sized company, is to publish two to six blog posts per week.

From there, depending on whether you prioritize website traffic or lead generation more will determine the types of blogging material you should favor.

And Surveys Say…Try This for Traffic and Lead Generation

Our findings indicate that there are certain kinds of posts that significantly spike traffic in the first month and sustain their impact over the next six months.

Particularly, ToFu posts (see below) and how-to posts that give customers direct answers are great for consistently funneling traffic back to your blog. Research also indicates that promotional blog posts that offer customers value in the form of gated offers are the best long-term lead generators around.

This strategy is a blogger’s best friend because it allows you to passively generate more traffic and leads without focusing all of your energies on constant blogging.

Consistent Traffic with ToFu Posts 

The kind of blog post that still performs well six months after publication, and the kind that you should focus on to corral more subscribers, is what’s known in Internet marketing as a ToFu post. This actually isn’t something you’d pick up at the supermarket: ToFu stands for “top of the funnel” website visitors.

ToFu visitors are just beginning to collect information on a particular brand, company or subject. These kinds of potential customers have a particular need or problem that they want addressed, but they’re just at the reconnaissance stage at this point. ToFu visitors are looking to see if you can help them solve their problem and, if so, how your product fills the void.

You’ll definitely want to divide the lion’s share of your blogging energies between ToFu visitors and your loyal subscribers. What kinds of articles appeal to ToFu readers, though, and are the benefits of gearing your blogs to this niche of reader really worth it?

  • Focus of ToFu Blog Posts

ToFu blogs are focused around popular Internet trends or topics related to business, and the content is usually lighter.

Although there are some how-to technical lessons offered in most ToFu blogs, the goal of posting Tofu blogs throughout the day is to generate traffic.

In fact, ToFu blogs and tactical posts, which we’ll look at in a moment, tend to consistently generate the most traffic in the first month while outperforming syndications and info graphic blog posts in the following months.

  • Focus of In-Depth Tactical Posts

In-depth tactical blog posts address a problem that customers are currently experiencing in a very nuanced way.

Tactical posts are normally longer and more focused than ToFu blog posts, are generally more helpful and use topical examples and insider research.

In-depth tactical blog posts create more traffic and ROI for you over the first six months mostly because you’re bringing more value to customers with these blog entries.

Posts for Lead Generation

How about lead promotion, though? For that you’ll need a combination of nuanced, how-to tactical posts that teach customers something useful promote what they re writing about.

Promotional posts are lead-generating Goliaths because these blog posts

are kept short and sweet yet offer customers a quid pro quo – a gated offer of, say, their email on your mailing list for a webinar, or an ebook for free download.

Making sure to share links through social media with fans and collaborate in the form of giveaways and contests is another way in which you can bring more attention to your blog.

Using long-tail keywords to reel in customers who need exactly what you’re selling is yet another way that you can use blogging and SEO to your advantage. Get in touch with WebTech to take your blog to the next level.