Why WordPress Is Best

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WordPress has continued to top “Best Of” lists for some time now. The highly regarded service makes up approximately 25% of all websites around the world. As WordPress gurus, we’ve watched it grow over the years into a dynamic force with the flexibility to handle a wide range of functionalities and meet almost all business needs.

Making Content Easy

A large part of WordPress’s legacy is its blogging interface, a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows content to be easily and effectively maintained, optimized and delivered.

New businesses have the opportunity to start a website with a content strategy in mind. Choosing WordPress gives you the ability to execute targeted content strategies, while taking control of SEO. WordPress offers a range of easy-to-manage plug-ins and menu options, allowing you to easily promote content on any or all pages of your website.

Established companies may look into getting a “website facelift.” As technology changes, site updates will help you maintain a professional web presence, and will ensure security for your site and customers. Plus, now is the time to integrate new ways to keep your website current with recent content. If you’re not currently on WordPress, revamping your website is a good opportunity to migrate over and gain access to all the benefits the platform has to offer.

Going Mobile

Mobile Responsiveness is a high priority for most companies right now. In 2015, Google reported that mobile searches officially surpassed desktop searches. We understand that the onset of a website upgrade can seem daunting – there are a lot of considerations, especially if you have not made any web changes in a while. You may be moving into a major sales campaign or your company may be undergoing organizational changes.  It may never seem like the right time to plan a website upgrade, but making your website accessible and user-friendly for mobile and tablet users is an urgent must for all businesses. Fortunately, migrating a website to the mobile-friendly WordPress platform is a fairly quick and painless process for most developers, since it is such a common practice.

Flexibility in Design and Functionality

WordPress is very competent in handling its high rate of usage. The vibrant community has come to be another well-known piece of the WordPress puzzle. This community allows developers to build better websites for clients while building a better WordPress. The community has created an incredibly large library of themes and plugins, and are active in supporting them. On the back-end, developers designing sites from scratch have access to up-to-date tools that makes it all-around easier to create awesome, engaging websites.