4 Ways Content Marketing Was Used In 2015

If you’re looking to consistently generate fresh web traffic, increase your conversion rates and target specific visitors all while using SEO more intelligently, then you need to streamline your content marketing.

Content marketing itself is one tool in the internet marketing toolkit that helps your content reach new customers and even achieve page-one status on major search engines.

Content Marketing in 2015


Blogging is a cornerstone of your overarching content marketing strategy since captivating blog content is tied to your success in other areas. Aside from fueling your overall success in sales, blogs help inform how well your content attracts customers through social media marketing campaigns. In addition, well-crafted blog content can make or break your search engine optimization efforts.

Streamlining your blog content is definitely in your long-term interests. Also, because blogs are owned media, you won’t have to hold your breath and hope that third-party platforms like Twitter are compatible with your content.

The fact that blogs are owned media gives you an advantage – you can have ongoing crisis management, customer outreach and promotional offers 24 hours a day. Since customers also have the ability to share and comment on your blog content on social media sites like Facebook, you won’t have to worry about your content catching on with customers. Overall, blogging success in the context of your 2015 content marketing strategy depends largely on ensuring high-quality blog content, social media integration of that content, and incorporating blog content into your pre-existing search engine optimization strategy.

Video Content

Studies show that the average American spends nearly three hours on the  phone per day. Customers are spending many hours a week  wading  through YouTube videos and targeted ads aimed at catching their  business. Having said that, creating explainer videos and filling  customers in on your branding image and the things that your company  does well is a pivotal step towards improving your online exposure and  SEO results.

Like a blog, video content leaps out and engages customers and can be  shared across social media and conveys your unique story, values and  benefits to customers in a relatively short period of time. In fact, the best explainer videos are two to three minutes in length and take advantage of the fact that customers are already searching for video content about your brand. Over half of B2Bmarketers see video content as a viable content marketing tool.


“Infographics” is a portmanteau of the words “info” and “graphics.” As a content marketing strategy, infographics owes its success mostly to the fact that customers can assess visual content (e.g., graphs) quicker than written content (e.g., blogs).

People, in general, process visual information thousands of times more quickly than they do text. This speaks to the popularity and success of infographics.

The 150 million active users of Instagram and huge popularity of sites like Pinterest should be a clarion call to businesses to continue investing in visual content as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Of course, blog content isn’t going anywhere but blogs, videos and infographics should act in junction with each other to drive traffic and bring in new customers.


Podcasts and video content largely rose to popularity in lockstep with the gaining popularity of Smartphones. In other words, people simply like putting in their earbuds and listening to podcasts on their way to work or while they’re exercising.

To get the most mileage from a podcast as part of a content marketing strategy, you might want to incorporate upcoming podcasts into your blog content and write up a transcript of your previous podcast somewhere on your site.

Podcast transcripts, putting auditory content into text, works to create better SEO results for your content.

Note that all of the above strategies are coming in full swing throughout 2015 and can be integrated with your SEO efforts as well as your social media marketing campaign.

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